The role of a father in a child’s life is a significant one and one that goes unnoticed at times. A father affects the child’s life in a lot of ways that might be overlooked. A father has much less physical struggle to go through, unlike mothers which make the role of a mother talked about much more. I say this with absolutely no means to offend anyone.

Considering the demographic of Bangladesh, there is a large portion of it that consists of housewives. So fathers are meant to have and create financial stability for the child, even in cases of women that are not housewives. Aside from the necessities of life and that sort of thing, let’s move on to the environmental and emotional factors.

A father is extremely important to the way a child’s mental health is affected and their mindset and mentality. How the father acts, how he treats his children and wife affect the child in many ways. A good father is someone who is a good human being and a good parent. A good father will affect the child positively and give them someone they can trust, be vulnerable with and love. Someone they can go to no matter what. Someone who will always give them the benefit of doubt and trust them as much as they do.

The role of a father also affects their adult life, like the role of any parent. A good father is someone the child will cherish forever.

There are many different ways that a father shows, and can show, his love. Maybe by fulfilling the wishes of his child, maybe by teaching them to not get used to comfort, or in some other way. I’ve seen many different ways a father shows his love and care for the child.

Let’s look at this from a different perspective. Let’s see different societal classes and how the fathers are distinctive yet similar and the varied environments the child grows up in.

A common villager who is a father isn’t likely to be giving in to the wants of his children and is rather likely to teach his child of life and other things. Teach them about the lifestyle they should pursue and to cope with the harsh environment early on, while they’re 10-12 years old; since it would be hard for them otherwise.

Whereas a father who is well off and lives in the city might want to “preserve” you could say, his child’s innocence while they are young and let them learn with experience as the time comes with no explicit teaching. He might want to give them a taste of the finer things in life.

These factors are the ones that contribute, of course, to how the child will be as an adult. All in all, a father’s role is an important one and at the end of the day, we all know that, whether consciously or not. Last but not least, happy Fathers Day! To all the fathers out there.

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