Teachers: What they deserve

Teachers. Teachers are, by definition, someone who teaches people. They are also people who aren’t given much importance. But in truth, they deserve to be appreciated and respected, because not everyone can be a teacher. A teacher has to not only be knowledgeable about the specific subject or topic they are required to teach but be patient, willing to explain and mentor others.

 Teaching has existed since the beginning of time. Perhaps not as a profession, but its how civilisations have developed and are continuing to develop and grow. The scientists you see on television that are working at WHO, the astronauts at NASA, the bestselling writers and the businessmen, they all learned most of what they know of their craft from teachers.

Teachers aren’t treated very well in general, but I’ll focus on Bangladesh for now. Explaining the socio-economic situation internationally, along with a handful of other things, is frankly quite unnecessary.

First, their health.  Specifically, their mental health. Mental health and healthcare is quite a hugely misconceived and stigmatised subject in Bangladesh. Some schools have gotten councillors for students recently, but the teachers’ mental health is important too. Their mental health affects their ability to work and therefore their livelihood negatively. They should be able to take paid breaks so they can take time for themselves and not have the worry of money alongside their pre-existing struggles. This topic should be less stigmatised and more openly discussed. Teachers should not only be respected but cared for too.

Secondly, I’d like to talk about wages and its effects. Many get wages that they cannot survive two weeks with in Dhaka, forget a month. Certain bigger and more facilitated and expensive schools will pay their teachers comparatively well, but it’s still not right. Often times it cannot be helped, but some are so miserable it can only be caused by corrupted administration.

Which can go on for years on end, and it is often that the higher-ups of the administration system are the ones who are corrupt, and messing with the finances of the school. Which interferes with not only the wages of the teachers but the whole staff. I think heavy supervision is necessary when it concerns the finances and the higher-ups handling the finances. The one who supervises these things may be corrupt too, but that can’t be helped. It certainly will improve the administrative situation of the schools in Bangladesh.

Another issue I would like to address is the miscommunication and the gap between teachers and students. They constantly clash and are very uncooperative towards the other party and fail to acknowledge that communication is severely lacking. One of the root causes of this is the dissatisfaction about their position both parties have. The teachers are dissatisfied with their financial state, their mental health and pressure, and the disrespect and underestimation they go through and how the students behave. The students are dissatisfied with how they are treated, misunderstood and external expectations. They need to communicate and treat each other properly. They need to tell each other how they want to be treated, layout why they are dissatisfied and solve it together. This gap has been created over a long time, and not a lot of people are willing to close that gap and have given up.

In the recent developments and in this pandemic situation, many are having to adapt everything to online classes. Teachers are putting in tremendous effort, yet their effort is not being acknowledged. They are working through classes in a completely different setup all the while trying to learn how to properly host these classes. They haven’t been thanked for their effort at all.

Author: Bornil Murchhona

Here is what I think are things we could do to improve and get nearer to solving these issues. Many readers are or were students and perhaps are teachers. We can communicate and try to go through with these things in our personal lives. If we are in a good position we can lend a hand to the facilities and to schools, though that is quite difficult. We can appreciate and respect teachers more in our daily lives, not just on Teachers’ Day, and in different ways. We can care for them when we meet them. There are many ways, and maybe they won’t make a large change, but it’s still something. I have written this with Teachers’ Day in mind and my respect goes out to all of the teachers worldwide who are working so hard in these trying times.

PS. I do not mean to offend or point fingers at anyone by what I have written. This is only my objective view and opinion on the situation, the facts I have gathered from outside sources and my personal experiences.

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